Genius Hour Post 3

As a reminder, my genius hour is about blended learning with technology in a way that helps different types of student to maintain the same ground of learning as any other student in the class. In other words, my genius hour is about adaptive learning that blends technology and classroom learning to learn the learner and amplify the teaching experience for the teachers. I will state it again just for the sake of clarification. My ideas is not to replace great teachers, but it is to focus on great teaching. To research my genius hour topic, I turned to Google for help. Even though there was a great research tool developed by the UGA librarian, I decided to use Google. I used keywords such as “adaptive learning,” “blended learning,” and “technology that learns the learner.” I came up five really good articles, that mention similar ideas as my genius hour topic. It was a great feeling that there are people out trying to find ways to improve learning with technology at a level to foster student-centered learning.

For far too many years, learning has been standardized, which only aims to spit out the information at the greatest number of students as efficiently as possible. However, that undermines the effectiveness of the process and hinders actual learning. Later, technology came into the picture to do the same thing, just a little bit faster. Now, the focus is gearing more towards learning with technology, and that is the core of my genius hour topic as well. Without that core concept, my idea won’t have a foundation to rely on. The same goes for all the people that I researched about. They believe the same about the use of technology. As I mentioned in my second post, my inspiration for this genius hour topic is Jessie Woolley-Wilson, who embraced the idea of blended learning in her company, Dreambox Learning. Her technology and the idea behind it embodies everything I am seeking in the blend of technology and classroom learning. Jessie Wolley-Wilson (2015) in DreamBox Learning explains her idea of what adaptive learning is all about. It closely resembles what I have been talking about in my genius hour posts. She also goes on to add another spectrum of adaptive learning, intelligent adaptive learning. It is truly a technology that learns the learners and adapts the teaching methods accordingly. The next article by Peter Burrows (2015), Adaptive Learning, further talks about adaptive learning, its use in district school, and the results of that use in the evidence gathered from the data. Adaptive learning has its perks in helping different types of students succeed together with all the other students. Many people might see adaptive technology as merely assistive technology, which is technology for special needs students, but that is not what adaptive technology is all about at all. It is far more than that, and it is not only geared towards students with special needs. Furthermore, an article by Brian Fleming (2014), Adaptive Learning Technology: What It Is, Why It Matters, elaborates on personalized learning that learns the learner and enhances the process of learning with technology. There is technology out there that can implement the ideals that I am seeking in technology in classrooms.

There is a lot to explore in this category for me and I am very excited to learn more and more about this. There are so many people out there dedicated to this sole purpose of improving student learning through the implementation of student-centered technology to blend technology and classrooms through adaptive platforms. It is truly incredible and inspiring to see people work so hard towards such goals. To further anyone’s interest in this field of study, there are additional articles on adaptive technology and learning in classrooms, which can be found through these links (Hicks, K., 2015; Hudson, T., 2014). Also, very interesting Ted Talks can be found through the following links, TED Talk: Monique Markoff and TED Talk: Jessie Woolley-Wilson.


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